Greymouth, whitebait, and Monteiths

We will be moving to Greymouth, the largest town in the West Coast region of the Southern Island of New Zealand. The Grey River flows into the Tasman Sea right there. Yep, at Greymouth.

The most common ways to get to Greymouth from Christchurch, the largest city on the South Island, are either to drive across the Southern Alps on the West Coast Road or take the TranzAlpine Railway.

When you come to Greymouth (you’re coming to visit, aren’t you?), Monteiths Brewery is on the foodie list. An ale or a stout? Or both? We may be spending a significant amount of time there. And even better, it will be walking distance to go home. Drinking and driving are never good companions. Drinking and driving on the left side of the road, driver on right side of the car? That makes my head spin when I am stone cold sober. Try saying stone cold sober after a pint of ale and you will really understand what I mean!

Whitebait. Whitebait is a little like Greymouth. It is exactly like the name implies. White. Bait. Little white fish about the size of bait. Yep, they are edible. And they look at you. Lots of little black eyes.  Greymouth is known for whitebait fritters. Think a battered up school of little fish with big eyes looking at you.

Yes. We ate whitebait fritters. Yes, they are good. Really. We paired them with an excellent Monteiths stout and a pile of the best beer-battered fries in the world and began believing we were West Coasters.

It’s the beast. Oops, best. I forgot to tell you, best and beast are homophones in New Zealand.

It’s the beast.



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