Visas! Oh my!

After all of that moaning and groaning and begging for visas…and now it is REAL. We have visas in hand, flights scheduled, and movers coming on Monday. Oh my!

We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.
ROALD DAHL, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

Breathe in, breathe out. Our lists are long and our days are short. Somehow we are staying pretty calm, plugging away at the must-dos, want-to-dos, and hope-to-dos.

We fly out on May 2, arrive on May 4. Long flights and crossing the date line is a double-whammy.

Breathe in, breathe out. Have I mentioned how gorgeous Tennessee is in the springtime? The slight delay has let us stay to see my grandmothers’ daffodils and irises bloom before we go.

We’re enjoying every second of spring as we prepare to move to Greymouth. Some of the more exciting parts of the move for us are our anticipation of new flowers, new birds, and new places to explore in our new community.


7 thoughts on “Visas! Oh my!

  1. Praise the Lord is right! Congratulations! This exciting chapter is finally beginning! We are so happy for all of you! Worried about all your Fur Babies and how they will adjust. But what an amazing adventure you guys will have! Prayers for safe travels and exciting memories in the making! Can’t wait for future updates!

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  2. YEAH! you made it, thank God!
    This took a lot out of me, you know.
    All the best down there. Don’t forget to write.
    “Uncle” John


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