We arrived on a beautiful autumn day in May…

Yes, it is true. We are now in Christchurch, New Zealand. The autumn colors are gorgeous in May and the days are getting shorter. We are on the bottom of the world and feeling topsy-turvy (but that is probably just a little bit of jet lag).

Once our visas arrived, everything began moving at lightning speed. We tediously vacuum-packed everything possible. Those vacuum bags are great for space, terrible for weight. We shipped two crates (7′ x 8′ x 4′ each, to arrive in mid-June) of selected furniture and artwork, along with clothes, household stuff and bedding.

I have nightmares that all of the vacuum-packing might explode our crates on the way across the ocean, spewing our underwear and socks throughout the South Pacific.

We said our “goodbyes for now” to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers–the categories are irrelevant. 

We also packed 3 humongous suitcases, 4 carry-ons and Dan’s guitar–enough stuff to get by for a couple of months–and then some. Every inch was filled.

Then we packed up the truck and we moved to Beverly…Hills, that is. Oops. Nope. Wrong song, wrong place. We certainly look like the Beverly Hillbillies though–and I did pack an iron skillet or two. Dan refused at the point when I suggested that he carry another iron skillet in his backpack. Annie said it would be considered a weapon–I argued it could be called protection.

We’re now in Christchurch. After a training month in Christchurch, Dan will be the audiologist in a brand new Bay Audiology office on Mackay Street in Greymouth. In the meantime, we are thrilled to be living in an apartment that is walking distance to Thai Container–our first two meals in Christchurch. Great food.


We have a rental car and  Dan has already perfected the art of cleaning the windshield.

To explain, in NZ everyone drives on the left side of the street, sitting in the right side of the car. The turn blinker and windshield wipers are reversed compared to US cars. Every time Dan plans to turn, he turns on the windshield wipers–thus, we have a very clean windshield and I sit giggling in the front seat.

Of course, I am far from perfect. Dan is a total gentleman. As always, he holds the passenger door open for me. Meanwhile (forgetting where the passenger side is), I walk to the driver’s side before I realize he is laughing at me–every time. We are quite the pair!

Now that we have slept off our jet lag and depressurized that 200 pounds of stuff that arrived on the plane with us, we are off to Greymouth to finalize our house purchase there. Remember the Byron and Nelson story–yep! It is real.






4 thoughts on “We arrived on a beautiful autumn day in May…

  1. Lisa, I don’t know if my previous comment was posted. I am so happy for u!! Lots lots lots of good vibes for you! Change is the best thing! Enjoy! Kisses xoxo


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