Shake Rattle and Roll

Dan’s joining the writing game:
We are living in an apartment in Christchurch for the next month while I undergo training with my new employer – Bay Audiology.  I leave work at 5:00, walk back to the apartment and arrive at 5:05.  Almost every night we walk in Hagley Park.  It’s autumn here, so the leaves are all changing and falling.  We feel lucky to have a second autumn but not so lucky to be looking forward to another winter.
Our temporary apartment, located a block away from the Bay Audiology office in Christchurch.
After only a week in Christchurch,  we experienced a 4.7 earthquake. Somewhat panicked, we each grabbed what was important and ran outside. Lisa grabbed the passports. I grabbed the wine.  The neighbors were casually gathering on their balconies with drinks in hand.
When my training is complete we will make our way to Greymouth where we will be living and working.  We took a drive over last week to tie up loose ends with our new house, visited with some new friends and got to see the brand new Bay Audiology office where I will be working.
Our brand new Bay Audiology office in Greymouth–it is beautiful.

We are still learning how to live in New Zealand. The driving has gotten easier, although walking is a problem at times. We do the American cha-cha whenever we meet someone on the sidewalk–the norm is to walk to the left, just like driving.

And the photo that we keep missing: when a dog rides in the front seat of a car, to an American it appears that the dog is driving. Priceless!


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