Schoolboys in black and white

When I was in Hagley Park a few days ago, I missed the perfect photo. A teacher and a group of schoolboys were standing around a BRIGHT yellow ginkgo tree. The sky was perfectly blue. The teacher was talking about the tree. The boys were laughing, joking around, and just generally happy to be outside.


The boys were all in black and white school uniforms, somewhat rumpled at the end of the day. But these are not ordinary uniforms. They are cool. They are classy. They are fun. Black pants or shorts, white dress shirts, a bold horizontal stripe tie, and a black blazer with verticals white pinstripes. Wow!

I missed the photo, except in my mind.

The boys are students at Christ’s College, an Anglican secondary school founded in 1850 that is adjacent to the park.

A couple of days later, I was walking near the school when a football (soccer ball) came flying over a wall and landed in a nearby bush. Across the street, a gaggle of boys in black and white popped their heads over the wall. One came running out to retrieve the ball, caught it, then managed to bobble it back my way. I kicked it back to him. The onlooking schoolboys cheered.



I walked on, slowly, and realized that about every 2 minutes another ball flew over the wall. 

I am in love. With their uniforms. With their laughter. With the joy they are finding outside with friends on ordinary days.

Now that, my friends, is an education.


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