Detour through Maruia Hot Springs

Twice in about a two week span, we decided to drive from Christchurch to Greymouth by way of Lewis Pass. Although this route is longer than Authur’s Pass, the thought of ice on Arthur’s Pass terrifies us.

We stopped at Maruia Hot Springs out of curiosity on our first Lewis Pass detour. We planned an overnight stop on our second detour.

With our month in Christchurch complete, we headed to Greymouth about 5:30 pm. We reached the town of Amberley about 45 minutes later and randomly stopped at “Curry n Kebabs.” We assumed it would be acceptable but instead, it was exceptionable! We ate until we could eat no more, then left with enough Indian food for another meal plus some. We’ll plan stops there in the future– their food is excellent.

It was really dark by the time we reached the lodge at Maruia Hot Springs. The moon was a sliver and the stars were stunning. I have never seen as many stars in the sky at once.

Although the temperature was 0 Celsius, 32 Farenheit, nothing was going to dissuade us from getting in the hot springs that night. Almost. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the first pool was too cold, the second was scalding hot, and the third pool was just right. It was literally horizon to horizon amazement: shooting stars, the Southern Cross, a huge Milky Way painted across the black sky.


We stayed in the hot springs so long that Dan said my skin felt like a mannequin. Then in the morning, we jumped in again. 

After an excellent breakfast, we headed in to Greymouth–another gorgeous drive.

Never sell Lewis Pass short!


3 thoughts on “Detour through Maruia Hot Springs

  1. It appears to be so unique and yet diverse. Every turn on the road results in a new photo opportunity.It’s only been a month, so much more to explore!

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  2. I’m a huge fan of the Lewis Pass – so diverse and ever-changing. Favourite part is the Rahau Saddle between Springs Junction and Reefton. Look forward to checking out the Maruia Hot Springs one day soon.

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