An American Mr. Smith Night

If you don’t know what a traditional Mr. Smith night is, you might want to read this post first. It is a Greymouth/West Coast/New Zealand tradition in the making.

It is simply a wonderful night of food, fellowship, and laughter in the middle of an otherwise ordinary workweek.

Dan and I hosted the most recent Mr. Smith night but we have to admit, Lynnette is the true coordinator. To prep for eighteen people coming to dinner, we decided to move the dining table (plus another) to the lounge (i.e. living room in American-talk), and the lounge furniture to the dining room. It seems critical to have the entire party sitting at one table to eat. Janet added more chairs and everyone brought American food: burgers, barbecue chicken, pulled pork barbecue, slaw, potato chips, potato salad, apple pie, pumpkin pie (odd in NZ), ice cream . . . And beets? For the burgers, on the burgers? That part is definitely a NZ tradition. Try it. We learn something new every day.




We didn’t know about the plan for American attire until the cowboys began arriving–America’s staunch protection of the right to bear arms is infamous in New Zealand.

Mr. Smith wore not one but two Tennessee t-shirts (from Beale Street and from the Country Music Hall of Fame). And Rose–oh my, Rose–took the prize with her stars and stripes paired with the stars and stripes afghan made by one of Dan’s special Tennessee patients. Amazing and fun!

Beachy bears (plastic) arms.

Of course, Eve joined in the celebration–we are teaching her American traditions as fast as we can. Once she learns to talk, we’ll teach her to sing Rocky Top.

Yes, we had a wonderful night of food, fellowship, and laughter in the middle of an otherwise ordinary workweek.


The real Mr. Smith



4 thoughts on “An American Mr. Smith Night

  1. I do believe you’re having more fun there than you ever had in Tennessee. Even I will try some beets on my burger as beets are healthy for you and I don’t care for them. I noticed
    One lady has a very American tradition – texting at the table. The real Mr. Smith looks like he should be on a book cover. Ceree


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