G’day on the West Coast

Have you ever had one of those wonderful days where time moves slowly so you can fit more and more in? Yep. That was last Saturday.

We had house guests, Dandan and Tony, from Shanghi who planned to drive to Christchurch today…but they hadn’t been to Punakaiki yet. A fine day ahead, we all jumped in the car early this morning and headed north on the Great Coast Road. A fast but fun jaunt to Punakaiki, then to Truman Track, then back to Greymouth–all before noon.


Dandan and the Rata tree


Twelve legged star fish at the Truman Track

The skies were bright blue, there was snow in the mountains and Dan and I were more than a little jealous of Dandan and Tony crossing Arthur’s Pass on such a perfect day. Not long after bidding them goodbye, we jumped in the car to take some photos and a hike in Arthur’s Pass.

Greymouth’s single lane car and train bridge, with snow topped mountains to the side.

It wasn’t until we were driving that we remembered that the Tranz Alpine Scooter Safari would be crossing Arthur’s Pass too. We knew very little, but it sounded interesting. A week or two earlier, we discussed checking out this event–then promptly forgot. As luck would have it, the scooter riders arrived at Arthur’s Pass from the east coast just as we arrived from the west. Fun and crazy!

After checking out the scooters, we hiked the Bealey Valley Trail, one of the lesser known trails in Arthur’s Pass. It was gorgeous, snow covered (a huge change from Punakaiki and Truman Track), and virtually empty of other hikers.

Finally, having hiked both on the coast and in the southern alps in a single day, we wandered back to Greymouth, just in time to catch yet another gorgeous west coast sunset.




3 thoughts on “G’day on the West Coast

  1. Lovely day on the Coast. That tern on the pancake rocks might have been white baiting! Please remember to outfit yourselves properly for
    the outdoors as the weather can change quickly!

    Liked by 1 person

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