In Search of A Picture Perfect Postcard (with Addendum)

Certain views in New Zealand are picture perfect for postcards. On the right day. In the right weather. With the right light.

One of the “view of views” is looking toward Fox Glacier on Lake Matheson, with mirrored reflections on the water. It’s an easy jaunt to the far end of the lake, so long as you make it past the really nice gift shop and cafe first.

The first time we went to Lake Matheson was in December 2015. We waited around for the clouds to clear, which they did (barely). It was the only day we had to try to get the perfect photo. It did not happen, although we had a fun day.

Since moving to Greymouth, Lake Matheson has been on our list of places to return on a perfect day. Recently we had that opportunity–blue skies, perfect afternoon, cool temperatures. What could go wrong?

Breezes. Close but no cigar. So we waited.


After 30 minutes of waiting at the “view of views”–bingo!


But wait! See that little speck near in the reflection, near the mountain peak?  That is a goose with devious intentions. See? Within a couple of minutes, Mr. Goose and his friends muddled up Lake Matheson, as if to say, “Sorry folks, the show is over!”




Another picture perfect spot on the West Coast of the South Island is Punakaki (I have written about it several times already). At Punakaki, not only are you trying to get the perfect weather, the “best” pictures are supposed to be at high tide on the full moon.

Right. Blue skies. Check! High tide. Check! Full moon. Check! Last Saturday, the stars aligned so Dan and I jumped in the car for the 45 minute drive. We arrived about 20 minutes before high tide.

Instead of this (which is pretty darn nice):


We finally saw this:


Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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