Bella and Buggy’s Big Adventure, Part III

If you haven’t read Bella and Buggy’s Big Adventure, Parts I and II, you’ll need to go back to read those. 

Forty days and forty nights, since my baby left this town.  Sun shinin’ all day long, but the rain keep falling down.  She’s my life I need her so, why she left I just don’t know …” —Muddy Waters

Waiting for Bella and Buggy to be released from their country club prison (aka Canterbury Quarantine), Dan and I were singing the blues. It seemed like forty days and forty nights, but I exaggerate–it was only ten days and ten nights. If you haven’t heard Muddy Waters sing the blues, check out the link on his name. You’ll understand how we felt about our girls’ detention.


Day ten finally came. Bright and early, we rushed across Arthur’s Pass to retrieve our girls. We arrived. We were thrilled; they were thrilled; Karen and Kate might have been thrilled to be done with the high-anxiety folks (namely, me and Bella). The hard stuff was over.


Bella couldn’t wait to hop in the car. Buggy was a little less than thrilled after going from a drive across the US to an airplane to quarantine and now to drive across New Zealand, but she purred loudly about being back with us.

And Bella and Buggy clearly had missed each other. They licked each other, they snuggled, they sat together, they competed for our attention.

On the road again. These two are definitely good travelers. 

And finally, Bella and Buggy made it to Greymouth and the wild West Coast of New Zealand. Just to be able to say they went all the way to the west coast of two countries, after we got home we took both for a walk to the beach nearby, Bella on her leash, Buggy with the hated harness, just like in California. Yeah, Buggy’s still not fond of the harness.

They’ve settled in and life is good–and once again, animal-centric. 

It may be easier not to have pets, but they certainly add some challenges and humor–and of course, a lot of unconditional love.



One thought on “Bella and Buggy’s Big Adventure, Part III

  1. What an enjoyable read! I would have stroked before I ever got there.
    You two are braver than i. I was in the office recently and thought about the pics of these two furred that I always enjoyed. Now I know where they are.
    Dan, Bill passed away a few weeks ago. His heart and cancer problems are no more. He is in heaven feeling and singing well.


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