Flat Stanley visits New Zealand

As Dan reminds me daily, I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with Flat Stanley. He needs to go back to the States soon to join Evan in his classroom. Oh I will miss the little guy.

Flat Stanley arrived in an envelope just a couple of weeks ago. Evan is a first grade relative…one of those too-complicated-to-explain-but-just-call-us-family…who lives in Missouri. The timing of Flat Stanley’s trip to Greymouth was very handy. We had plans in Christchurch, then friends visiting from the US, so Flat Stanley got to wander more than he might have otherwise.

So where has he gone?

The grocery store…discovering a few things with different names, like biscuits.

To Jellyman Park as well as the Greymouth tip head, to watch surfers, birds, waves and a sunset or two.

To Hokitika to see the Gorge (of course!), eat Fat Pipi’s pizza, and on the way he checked out the Taramakau Bridge, our local wonder–the one lane bridge shared by both directions of traffic and the train, as well as the nearby roundabouts with railroad tracks.

We went across Arthur’s Pass through Otira, stopped at Cave Stream, on the way to Christchurch to meet Tennessee friends Linda and Ben for a very nice dinner.

Back on the West Coast, with friends Sonya and Courtney, we went to a concert at the magnificent Barrytown Hall…Hopetoun Brown was incredible!


And then off to Punakaiki (and a crunchy battered hot dog at Punakaiki Tavern), Truman Track, Fox River (boating!), and Cape Foulwind.

We had a big adventure staying at the Karamea Farm Bachs, and caving in Oparara at Honey Comb Hill, enjoying a Flat White, and finally one crazy misadventure when a weka grabbed Flat Stanley to run away with him!


Good old Flat Stanley! He is really beginning to look and act like a local!



7 thoughts on “Flat Stanley visits New Zealand

  1. Lisa, You have a great sense of humor! It would’ve been terrible if the bird had flown off with flat Stanley. I love your blogs and look forward to them. Ceree


    1. Wekas are one of NZ’s non-flying birds but they can run really fast. The experience made me think of a roadrunner cartoon. Beep beep! This is a great point to include in my notes to the kids.


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