Local Adventures

Sometimes great adventures are waiting around the corner.

One day an AirBnB guest asked me about a river tubing trip that goes through a glow worm cave. I suggested maybe here or maybe there but she insisted there was a place that did this adventure tour right here in Greymouth.

And then I realized where she meant. You know….the obvious place at the center of town. Wild West Adventures!


Not long after that conversation, one of our daughters, Annie, and her friend, Bri, were in town visiting. We got a wild hair and decided to go–tubing and caving it would be. So we woke up early up to arrive at 8:00 am for an all day adventure.

Donning the wetsuits was a challenge–think ice cold river water mixed with caves. A wetsuit is mandatory.img_0190


From there, we added instructions…and more layers…followed by a van ride to a remote local area where we carried our tubes, hiked through the bush and sometimes a “little bit” of mud. If you don’t REALLY want an adventure, stay home.

At a certain point in the trail, our guide took each of our tubes and threw them into a big hole in the ground. We heard a hollow “thuuuuunk” as they hit the unseen bottom of the pit.

We wandered further and came to another hole…the top of our cave. And down we climbed…


Eventually we found the lost tubes, waiting for us as planned, and the nearby tea-colored river rapids, also anxiously waiting for us.

I need to add a quick disclaimer here: I am not the bravest person on water, especially when it is moving quickly. Alas, I found myself at the edge, getting ready to plop in right behind the brave ones, Annie and Bri. Or maybe I went first to avoid being a chicken, standing alone on the edge.

And down the river we flew, laughing, giggling, bumping against the moss-covered rock walls, bouncing and bobbing. We would grab each other’s arms and legs, tubes and feet, occasionally climbing out to regroup.


Then down the natural slide and into the mouth of the glow worm cave. Remember? Glow worms! They were part of the plan.


The glow worms were magnificent.  It was the middle of the day and we were in a dark and chilly cave, checking out the glow worms and drinking hot chocolate. Yep, the guide brought hot chocolate…tasted incredible.


Cold, wet, exhausted, and happy from our great adventure, our entire group went back to the Wild West Adventures headquarters, stripped off the wetsuits, and were treated to hot muffins and and cold drinks in their spa. What a day!



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