A Real Journey to Milford Sound

Don't try to see all of New Zealand in two weeks. It is not possible. Yes, the country is pretty small.  No, the distances  are not that far as the crow flies. You are not a crow. Slow down. Make plans for adventures. Bicycle through vineyards. Let someone else drive. Stay two nights where you considered … Continue reading A Real Journey to Milford Sound


Local Adventures

Sometimes great adventures are waiting around the corner. One day an AirBnB guest asked me about a river tubing trip that goes through a glow worm cave. I suggested maybe here or maybe there but she insisted there was a place that did this adventure tour right here in Greymouth. And then I realized where … Continue reading Local Adventures

Flat Stanley visits New Zealand

As Dan reminds me daily, I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with Flat Stanley. He needs to go back to the States soon to join Evan in his classroom. Oh I will miss the little guy. Flat Stanley arrived in an envelope just a couple of weeks ago. Evan is a first grade … Continue reading Flat Stanley visits New Zealand

My feet are planted in two countries

Dan and I are having two different ex patriot experiences. He is planted firmly in New Zealand, while I have one foot in the U.S. and the other in New Zealand. For me, it is confusing, and at times, disconcerting. Approximately one year ago, we received our visas to move to New Zealand. The plan then--and the … Continue reading My feet are planted in two countries

Marlborough: it’s not just for Sav Blanc

Part of our logic in moving to New Zealand was that it would give us the opportunity to wander around the country piece by piece (weekend by weekend) rather than doing that 10 day figure-8 around both islands that many travelers try. I am not sure which is more crazy: moving almost 10,000 miles or … Continue reading Marlborough: it’s not just for Sav Blanc

Day is done, gone the sun…*

*subtitle: if you don't like pretty sunset photos, you won't like this post. What should we do with far too many exceptional New Zealand sunset (or good light) photos? Share! Day is done, gone the sun, From the lake, from the hills, from the sky; All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Fading light, … Continue reading Day is done, gone the sun…*

it’s a small world after all

If you've ever been to Disney World with little kids, the song "it's a small world" is permanently etched in your memory.  As the Disney site tells it: As you sail the Seven Seaways, “it’s a small world” is lovingly sung by the children of the world in their native languages—including French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish … Continue reading it’s a small world after all